Art & Nature Based Preschool & Childcare For Our Upper Valley Community

Involved Families

Mountain Sprouts Children’s Community began operations in the big red barn at Tierra Learning Center in the fall of 2009. It came to fruition though a dedicated and sustained effort by a group of parents brought together by their kids. It continues to be a dynamic and energetic parent cooperative organization staffed by the most creative, energetic and compassionate teachers around.

Engaged Community

Please follow the web link below and learn about Mountain Sprouts through their site. Mountain Sprouts operates with an independent board of directors, leasing a window-filled finished barn space under an agreement with Sunitsch Canyon. The Mountain Sprouts community is also a collaborating member of the Tierra Learning Center community.

For more information see the Mountain Sprouts website -

Happy Kids

Mountain Sprouts kids are frequently outside and their happy silliness brings a great deal more life to Tierra Learning Center’s central campus. Operating 5 days a week from morning until evening, year round, Mountain Sprouts offers a needed service for local families in search of childcare and wonderful preschool instruction. It also offers kids a chance to be surrounded by interesting endeavors: hayfields, frog ponds and smiling people working to care for Sunitsch Canyon.